Teen Thinks He’s In Trouble At School Until Army Sister Sneaks Into Principal’s Office


Everyone knows that being called down to the principal’s office is typically not a good thing. Pretty much, it means you did something wrong, and you might be toast.If you were particularly rebellious as a kid, you might even have been summoned by the principal for reasons you weren’t certain of. Were you in trouble for skipping class, defacing the restroom, stealing from the science lab, or something else?

When one teenager was sent to his principal’s office, he genuinely didn’t know what he’d done.Dillan’s heart probably plummeted when he discovered none other than his dad behind the principal’s desk. That could only mean bad news.But the teen, who was dressed in football gear before a big game, sat down obligingly, asking his dad what was going on.

His dad replied:

“I just got a call from Todd to come down here. He’s coming in.”

Despite his son asking him what it was about, Dillan’s dad would say no more than,

“Oh, you’re gonna find out real quick.”

Fortunately, Dillan wasn’t ACTUALLY in trouble. Instead, he was in for the surprise of his life.

Pvt. Brianna Horack, Dillan’s sister, made a promise to her brother before joining the US Army: that she would make at least one of his football games.

The average Army deployment lasts between 6 and 12 months, which is a long time to separate close siblings.

Brianna had managed to stick to her promise, and was waiting just outside the door to the principal’s office.

Dillan was the only one kept in the dark.
His dad’s acting paid off, and the young lad genuinely believed that he was in trouble. He recalled:

“My dad has a face where you know you’re in trouble, but my dad looked genuinely mad. I don’t know how he did it. I don’t know how he held it in.”

Poor Dillan looked terrified as the door opened and his dad announced the arrival of Mr Todd… except it wasn’t the principal who entered the room.

Brianna, wearing her full army uniform, was standing in for the principal today!
Dillan could only gasp, “Oh my God!” before the pair had a long, emotional hug. As if the moment couldn’t be any sweeter, Brianna topped it off by saying,

“I told you I wouldn’t let you down.”

We can only imagine how Dillan was feeling at that moment – to go from thinking he was in big trouble to being surprised by his best friend must have left him in a state of shock!

It’s impossible to watch the pair hugging without feeling a little emotional yourself.
There’s clearly a close bond between the two, besides the fact that Dillan later revealed that he won’t be joining the Army when he’s older – he has his heart set on the Navy.

He said:

“My dad currently wears an Army hat and, like, an army shirt and everything, but once I go to the Navy, we all know it’s going to take over.”

Of all the videos that make their way onto the internet, reunions have to be our favorite. If you agree, this video will warm your heart as much as it did ours.

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