Teens stir hearts when they give their homecoming crowns to classmates with special needs


Most of us have fond memories of our school years, or moments that bring tears to our eyes when we remember them.Veterans Memorial High School students and teachers will now have a night to remember that will always remind them of how kind people out there can be.
A few years ago, the most amazing thing happened during the homecoming game, when the King and Queen were crowned.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, it was time for the Veterans Memorial High School to crown its new royalty. Among the five homecoming couples nominated were Brandon Moreno and Madison McDaniel, who actually won the titles.When their names were announced, Brandon and Madison couldn’t be more excited.

They happily accepted their crowns, and had their photos taken.

And then, out of the blue, they let everybody know that they were giving up their crowns. Everyone was shocked, and, moments later, most of them couldn’t hold back their tears.

So, as Brandon and Madison, who are boyfriend and girlfriend, explained, they had already thought about it beforehand.

The two had been chatting on the phone the night before, and McDaniel had an idea.

“We were just stoked to be nominated,” Moreno told KZTV. “She said like, ‘if we won wouldn’t it be cool if we gave the crowns?’ And I was like yeah for sure that’ll be awesome.”

So, when the time actually came and they were crowned King and Queen, they just had to look at each other and immediately they knew what their next step would be.

After having their pictures taken, Moreno and McDaniel announced that they would be giving up their crowns to another nominated couple, Robyn Ponce and Seth Thompson.

The two special needs students were shocked to hear the announcement. But, soon, the shock was followed by excitement.

“There was a standing ovation,” Principal Scott Walker said. “There was chills, myself included, a lot of tears of joy. It was just one of those moments that you’ll never forget.”

The school’s special education teacher, Edna Salazar, added that she was proud of these students and happy that Seth and Robyn could feel included.

“It was beautiful in itself just seeing (McDaniel) place the crown on her,” Salazar said to KZTV. “It was truly amazing and seeing the smile on her face and the shock on his face was just priceless.”

The school also posted about the gesture on its official Facebook page, praising the students for their kindness and inclusive thinking.

“Congratulations Madison McDaniel and Brandon Moreno on Homecoming Queen and King. What you two did tonight handing your crowns over to two very special people shows where your hearts are. Congratulations Robyn Ponce and Seth Thompson as the 2019 Homecoming Queen and King! You are all so special!”

This amazing story is a reminder that there are still kind-hearted people out there who just want to make others feel appreciated.

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