Texas marching band half-time drill performance earns over 16 million views


College football games are about entertainment.This is especially true in the SEC where college football trumps even NFL games. However, it’s not just the incredible Division 1 athletes providing entertainment for these fans.At halftime of every game, there are all sorts of other entertainers ready to do their share for the fans.

Most often you will see cheerleaders and band members encouraging the crowd to continue cheering on the home team.If the game is big enough, you may even see some famous singer or musician rocking out at the fifty-yard line.At Texas A & M they take their football very seriously.

And because they take their football so seriously, that level of perfection bleeds over into the other groups that the football teams share the field with as well.

Namely, the band.

The Aggies aren’t your average marching band.
They have hundreds of members in the band and they put on a serious show at halftime.

Rather than just standing in one place and playing the same old fight song, this marching band utilizes the entire field and makes sure to give the fans a show to remember.

In the video below you can watch one such performance.

Synchronicity in its finest form
The band marches out on the field in perfect unison.

I mean, there isn’t a single person out of place. They get ready and wait for their orders from the conductor. Once the conductor gives the signal, the band begins to play.

Not only does it sound great, but the musicians are playing these very complicated pieces while marching in unison with every other member on the field.

The band gets into various formations that are solely meant to entertain the crowd.

There’s nothing like it.

The arrow points the way.
They start by marching in a big arrow for the entire length of the field. About halfway across they split off into a longer thinner arrow that is perfectly proportioned.

It takes cooperation to another level.
If even a single person steps out of place, the effect would be lost. But every single one of these band members knows their place and they nail their entire routine.

There’s no doubt that this marching band has put in hours and hours of work to get this right.

They are constantly folding back in on themselves, creating an intricate illusion.

It’s hard to tell the individuals apart as they pass by each other in multiple directions.

They even stay in a tight rectangle and continue to move in, out, and around each other.

The crowd loves it.
They continually cheer them on as they do their thing.

This is one of those performances that you have to watch to really appreciate. It’s something you will want to watch again and again.

And who knows, you may enjoy it enough that you’ll find yourself at a live game at some point.

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