The Harpy Eagle is so big some people think it’s a human in a bird suit


The Harpy eagle is a gigantic bird that rules the rainforest’s skies.Birds are not just creatures with colorful feathers, they are also symbols of freedom. With their strong majestic wings, they fly freely to distant places that not even the eyes can reach.And of course, when it comes to freedom, eagles are kings of it.

Their physical agility makes them hard to catch thus seeing one up close is always so fascinating. However, some of these majestic birds are also dangerous.But few are as dangerous as the winged creature featured here.Yes, it’s another species of the eagle but we bet you’re not familiar with this one.

These eagles are endemic to many parts of Central and South America. They are also known as “royal-hawks” in Brazil.

According to Wikipedia:

“It is the largest and most powerful raptor found throughout its range, and among the largest extant species of eagles in the world.”

They can grow over 6.5 feet and their weight can range from 9 to 20 pounds.

These gigantic eagles can live up to 35 years.
They are downright predators.

” The harpy eagle has very few natural predators as an adult. Harpy eagles prey on many species throughout the jungle, but studies have shown that they prefer large mammals like sloths and monkeys that frequent the upper canopy of the rain forest … However, harpies also feed on parrots, iguanas, tegus, snakes, and over 100 other prey species!”

Harpy eagles also possess the largest talons of any living eagle.
which could grow between 3-4 inches long. Their deadly talons are known to be so strong that they can lift prey up to equal their own body weight.

Not everyone has seen one, even in pictures. So, when Reddit user crg339 shared a photo of a Harpy Eagle a year ago, everyone went bananas.

Some people even thought of them as humans in bird costumes.

While most of the comments expressed fear towards this humongous bird, some people thought of the harpy eagle as a fictional entity.

Reddit user bigtoebigtoe wrote:

“I feel like this bird is a spirit in charge of an ancient library in the desert who doesn’t let humans into it because it is of the opinion that humans only seek knowledge to use against other humans.”

While another Reddit user commented:

“I feel like this bird has a female British accent and provides words of wisdom to those that seek it.”

Harpies are huge, but they aren’t the largest eagle out there.
According to World Atlas, there are six other species of eagle that are larger than the harpy eagle.

To name them according to their wing-span, there is Philippine Eagle (220 cm), Golden Eagle (220 cm), Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle (230 cm), White-Tailed Eagle (244 cm), Steller’s Sea Eagle (250 cm), and the Haast’s Eagle (300 cm).

If you’re astounded by the harpy eagle’s size, then imagine how large those other eagles can be in close distance.

Unfortunately, harpy eagles are a “Nearly Threatened” species.
That’s according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It means that the number of these eagles is already decreasing and they may be considered threatened with extinction in the near future.

Deforestation and loss of natural habitats are among the many causes of the decrease of harpy eagles.

Only humans can help extend the longevity of their existence.

Let’s just let these birds fly high.
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