This Squirrel Was So Thirsty So He Approached A Man And Requested Some Water


This is an interesting account of a man’s efforts to assist a sick squirrel recover.While on the job, Jomar Robles, a landscaper in Dallas, Texas, was approached by a tiny animal. Regrettably, it appeared that the tiny one need assistance.

On a sweltering March day, the squirrel approached the gardener. Robles has a soft spot for animals. He reasoned that if a wild animal approaches a person, something must be wrong.

When the squirrel noticed him, he was out strolling. Robles gave her water since she followed the gardener. The gorgeous squirrel, he claimed, was terribly thirsty.

Landscaper gives squirrel a drink of water


Robles knelt down to offer the sad young one some drink from his bottled water.
The squirrel took tiny sips from his fingers with her paws. He seemed to be told to keep on by the gesture.

Robles patted her when she finished drinking and attempted to give her more.
Rather than drinking, she climbed Robles’ arm to have him stroke her again.

Robles realized the poor little thing needed to get out of the sun, so he drove her home. He provided a comfortable resting area for the squirrel as well as nutritious food.

Robles took a lot of rest on the day she returned home with the squirrel.

Robles informed his wife that he was going to release the squirrel so she could find more companions of her own kind. The next day, the squirrel appeared to be in good health.

As a result, he returned her to the location where he discovered her. She was then released.

Robles was sad to see her go, but he understood that the lovely squirrel needed to be with her family.
Before climbing a tree, the young one gave Robles one final look, and that was the last time they saw one other. Nonetheless, Robles is aware that his small act was appreciated.