Toddler Sweetly Says Goodbye To The Man Who’s His Best Friend


Two-year-old Deacon Ross from East Dallas, Texas, has an unlikely role model. Deacon’s best friend is O’Dee, a garbage man who comes by the toddler’s house every Friday.The two have become such good pals, and little boy can’t wait to see him. However, the video shows their farewell as the Ross family moves to a bigger house.

We all know that children are friendly, kind, and selfless. They see good in everybody. We bring you a story of a hard-working man who hardly holds back his tears upon seeing how much he means to a kid he befriended. It’s a beyond beautiful friendship we would all love to have.

Deacon’s face lights up as soon as he sees O’Dee’s truck.

According to the little boy’s mom, Deacon can’t hide his excitement when the Friday comes. No, it’s not because the weekend is around the corner. It’s because the garbage truck is around the corner, making its way to Ross’ street. Local garbage man O’Dee always stops by Deacon’s house. They fist bump and have a little chat.

O’Dee is Deacon’s first friend, and that’s why he’s so close to him.
The sanitation worker has undoubtedly made a great impression on the kiddo because Deacon patiently waits for him every Friday. However, the video features a little party, the one to say goodbye.

O’Dee and Decon have to say goodbye.
Because Deacon is about to become a big brother, the family bought a bigger home, and they have to move away. The little gentleman already has an older sibling, and the third baby led them to a house outside O’Dee’s garbage route.

As always, Deacon greets O’Dee and jumps into his arms. Please, take a look at the adorable moment when the toddler sees O’Dee. The way he happily waves his tiny arms in the air is precious.

Summer told WFAA:

“I don’t think he really understands that this could be the last time that he sees O’Dee.”

Well, he probably doesn’t. We surely hope that Deacon and O’Dee will meet again in the future. Such friendship shouldn’t come to an end.

Oladele Olurunrinu will miss Deacon, too.
O’Dee’s name is Oladele, and he said that he wasn’t aware of how much the boy enjoyed his company. He simply loved chatting with Deacon, but the boy’s affection grew enormously. “I’m going to miss him,” said O’Dee.

Deacon’s mom prepared a basket full of goodies and gifts. He handed it to his friend, and they said goodbye to each other.

Amazingly, Deacon’s parents are thinking about naming their baby O’Dee.

“He’s already picked out a name,” said Deacon’s mom, referring to her son’s constant mentioning of the name O’Dee. Summer and her husband consider naming their newborn O’Dee, in honor of Deacon’s first friend.

You can that Deacon is growing in a caring family, full of love for everyone. We are proud of Summer for cherishing her son’s first friendship. The family’s kind gesture deeply moved O’Dee.

Allow your children to choose their friends.

As states on, parents should never forget to honor the different personalities of their children. Understand your kid, and you’ll prevent numerous problems. Experts claim that parents should always let their kids choose their friends because they will anyway.

Moreover, there is not a correct number of friends. Some kids prefer to have one best friend, and others love to be surrounded by a group of pals.

If you dislike the child, your kid chose to be friends with, invite them to your home. Get to know them; that’s the key. Remember, just like us, children tend to find peers with the same interests.

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