Twins communicate with each other after delivery to make sure they’re ok


Twins are together as soon as inception.They are born into this world together where they continue their incredible bond.
Some even say that they will often think and act like one.“Whether or not your babies come home together or separately, the relationship between them will shape their lives right from the start.

They are individuals who are born as members of a team. They will grow up with a strong relationship to the other members of their team,” Twin Magazine writes.“Their relationship bond brings with it life-enhancing possibilities which are seldom enjoyed by single-born children.

Soon they will begin to light up with joy at the sight of each other. Their daily companionship during early childhood lays the foundation for lifelong comraderie.”

The social bond between twins is believed to start in the womb.

According to Scientific American, twins start interacting as early as the 14th week of gestation.
“Over the following weeks they reduced the num­ber of movements toward themselves and instead reached more frequently toward their counterparts,” the Scientific American reports.

“By the 18th week they spent more time contacting their partners than themselves or the walls of the uterus. Almost 30 percent of their movements were directed toward their prenatal companions. These movements, such as stroking the head or back, lasted longer and were more accurate than self-directed actions, such as touching their own eyes or mouth.”

So, once they get out of the womb, they’re already best buddies who know each other well.

At least that seems to be the case between Baby A and Baby B.
That’s probably not their names now but that’s what Mike Lasky called his newborns about an hour or so after they were born.

He captured the incredible bond between his twins and posted the video on YouTube.

It shows the sweet sweet little babies checking on each other to make sure that they were both OK and adjusting to this new world they found themselves in.
The babies are shown in the same baby hospital bed looking over at each other.

They’re also moving their mouths around which makes it seem like they’re trying to talk to each other.

Whether or not these two are actually communicating is unknown.
But either way, it’s absolutely adorable. There are arguments in the scientific community about whether or not twins have their own language.

It’s called cryptophasia, according to Wikipedia. It’s a language made up by twins that only they can understand.

Cryptophasia can also include mirrored walking and identical mannerisms.
The video of Baby A and Baby B ended up going viral spurring lots of comments about others who’ve experienced incredible twin bonds.

“Mine were place together and stayed that way within 20 minutes of birth. The slept better that way. They shared a crib for the first 5 months then we decided to separate them,” one mom wrote on Facebook.

“We kept the cribs together in an L shape and some nights I would go in and they would be cuddled into the corner of each of their cribs holding hands. Lots my heart every time… They are 13 months now and still have the L shape with their cribs and reach to touch each other every night before bed.”

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