Two Single Sisters Adopt Six Kids To Raise Between Them When No One “Crazy Enough” To Take Them


We all know how tough parenthood can be, especially for single parents.Despite that, it’s easily the most rewarding thing in the world!Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who are unable to have children of their own so they turn to adoption as a solution.Tracy and Sherrie were always inseparable and one day decided they should share the joy and burden of parenthood

A family home in Benbrook, a suburb of Fort Worth, TX, is today a noisy, lively place, occupied by one giant, happy family of eight.The eldest of six kids is the six-year-old Aaron, followed by his sister Bayla, twins Emma and Olivia both four, three-year-old Franco and 17-month-old Jake.

Two mommies and six kids and an unlikely story

November 18th was a very special day in the life of Tracy and Sherrie Smith, who had decided to adopt not one, not two, but six kids!
They knew it was going to be a lot of work and that their lives would be hectic for quite a long time, but the sisters were quite prepared to face the challenges of parenting together.

“I’m blessed with a lot of really good siblings but Sherrie is my best friend,” said Tracy. “We do everything together.”
“You just lucked out with me,” joked Sherrie. “OK we both lucked out.”

“We’re kind of like, if we enjoy hanging out with each other so much, why not just roll with it, you know,” Sherrie said.

Sherrie overcame serious health problems in her youth but she would’ve never made it without the love and support of her sister

At the age of 20, Sherrie suffered a series of seizures and slipped into a coma.

Tracy remained at her side all the time and they both vividly remember Sherrie’s first words out of a coma.

“I stuck my hands straight in the air and said ‘I’ll never let go Jack,’” Sherrie described the moment she woke up from a coma which referred to the now-classic movie ‘Titanic’.

When the time came to start a family, Tracy knew that she always wanted to be a mom

The sisters grew up with three adopted siblings so it was only natural they wanted to adopt kids one day as well.
“I knew that I wanted to be a mom,” said Tracy. “And Sherrie was…not sure she wanted to be a mom.”

Initially, they agreed to adopt four kids Aarona, Bayla, Emma, and Olivia but soon they were in for a big surprise!

“And they said but nobody will take six. Nobody’s crazy enough for that.”

When Tracy found out there were two more siblings she did not hesitate for a minute.
“And they said well there’s actually six,” Tracy said, “and they said but nobody will take six. Nobody’s crazy enough for that.”

Tracy and Sherrie knew they had much love to give and it was the only thing that mattered.

It didn’t take them long to get the hang of parenting, but they both admit they have their hands full.
“What have we done,” the sisters joked.

Despite all the daily challenges of parenthood, the sisters never doubt they were destined to do this
“The moment they came in the door I knew that those were our kids,” said Sherrie.

The sisters are aware that they’ve taken up a big challenge by adopting six kids at a time when many parents struggle with just one.

At the end of the day, they face the same problems as parents in traditional families.
Long nights without sleep, a hectic daily routine, lack of free time, and parental burnout.

“About six o’clock we looked over at each other in the morning and both of us had a twin on us and covered in puke ourselves and we were like ‘we’re parents, we’re officially parents,” they both laugh.

Thanks to Tracy and Sherrie, the kids now have a future and a loving home
“If a man comes along and he’s the right one, awesome,” said Tracy. “It’s going to take an even more special man to buy into this. Because this is weird,” she joked. “We know it.”

It sure will take a brave man to become a part of this big family but we hope that one day the kids will have a father figure they can look up to!
For now, Tracy and Sherrie are more than capable of taking care of their new family.

“I can’t tell you how many times Sherrie and I will get a hug from one of them and say, you know what, this right here, this is what we did it for,” said Tracy.

Thousands of other children dream of a home of their own and parents who are ready to give them all the love they deserve.