UPS driver stops to make delivery and is swarmed by group of kids dressed just like him


With not much to do, waiting for your packages to be delivered became something to get excited over during the pandemic.And along with those packages, UPS driver Kevin Lounsbury also delivered a beep and a smile.“He greets us every night with a beep and smile,” Lisa Kennedy said of her neighborhood delivery driver.

“He also brings so much joy and excitement to these little faces.”Everyone in the neighborhood knows Kevin.“My 2-year-old daughter thinks that all UPS drivers are Kevin, so every time she sees a UPS car on the road she’ll start screaming ‘there’s Kevin, there’s Kevin,’” South Boston parent Heather Cosgrove told WHDH.

Kevin got really popular during the pandemic when local families started to rely on him more and more.

And not just for their packages.
“Every single time he’d come down the street – the kids have been cooped up inside all day – he’d just give a little toot on the horn and it just brought excitement to all the kids’ days,” Kennedy said.

The families in the neighborhood wanted to show Kevin just how much they appreciate him.

So, they decided to do something special for him.
All the kids in the neighborhood got dressed up as UPS workers to pay homage to Kevin.

Even some of the local dogs joined in to give Kevin his special thank you.

Then they surprised Kevin with all the kids jumping out at him in their costumes.
“Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” he exclaimed. “That is so awesome.”

The little kids thought so too and jumped and leaped around him.

“Holy cow!” he said.
Then it was time to pose for a photo.

“It’s going viral,” said one of the moms in the video’s background.

And it did. Kevin’s story was picked up by several news outlets.
There are lots of stories about UPS drivers that ended up going viral this year.

People either really love their UPS drivers or UPS has some great PR people on their team.

Or maybe it’s both. When it comes to Kevin, Kennedy insists that the love is real.
“He knows how much we love him but I think just making that extra effort really just touched him and made him realize how much of an impact he’s made on all the kids and all of us during all this time,” Kennedy said.

Everyone was really happy to see Kevin get the attention that he deserves.

“Absolute highlight of my career,” he said on Facebook.

Some were also hoping that this recognition would also translate into a raise for him.
“Kevin, you and your helpers look awesome. I am so happy for all, as it seems like you are having a good time with the kids. Sorry I didn’t see you on TV. Keep it up, the kids really like you,” said one commenter on Facebook.

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