Veteran Is Surrounded By Family When He’s Gifted New Home That’s Paid In Full


In La Farge, Wisconsin, people know each other since the small town is only populated by 730 people. This makes the community strongly bonded, and it also makes it easy to stand out if you have some authority.Like Army veteran Jonathon, who is the town’s lone ranger. He can often be seen on patrol around town, while people call him all the time to let him know of an emergency.

After all, he is their go-to guy.“As the town cop, you stand out. Occasionally, they’ll even come up to your door with a problem,” Jonathon explains.Jonathon and his family moved to Wisconsin about four years ago, and they made a very good impression with their large family.

Jonathon’s wife already had a son from a previous relationship, while he had four children, too. Together, he and his current partner have had another two children.

Locals loved the fact that they brought numbers to their community when they first arrived in town. Since then, everyone has met the officer, and they all feel safe to have him around, ready to help whenever an emergency occurs.

“Community is a sense of pride and being part of something bigger than yourself. That’s where my family is, that’s where our lives are, and that’s where you want to go to,” the veteran says.

The man explains that being part of a community is what gives him the motive to go on. He feels fulfillment when he helps his fellow citizens, and he never gets tired of answering calls asking him to intervene when an emergency comes about.

Locals have opened their hearts and welcomed Jonathon’s family, who they now consider their own. And the family, little by little, has gotten to love the town and its people, and they wouldn’t change their life there for anything in the world.

The Army veteran has lived in a temporary house since he and his family moved to La Farge, but they have been planning to buy a bigger one that will cater to the needs of a large family.
But, as we all know, a mortgage is something he needed to keep in mind before buying the house, so this has already taken a long time.

Until, one day, the Veterans United Home Loans surprised the family and told them something they never expected to hear.
“It’s been so great to get to know you Jonathon, so we’re excited to let you know that your new home is a hundred percent paid in full,” a woman reveals to the man and his family.

When they hear the good news, Jonathon and his wife just can’t hold back their tears. Their dream is about to come true, and they won’t even have to pay for it.

The family just couldn’t be happier. They are grateful to Veterans United for their unbelievable gift, just like the whole country is grateful to people like Jonathon who serve it selflessly.

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