Volunteers Join To Paint Elderly Man’s Home After Teens Criticize It


Not all houses look great, and not everyone can afford renovating or fixing stuff in their house.In any case, if you’ve lived more than a decade in a certain place, then you’ve probably gotten used to its flaws and you can hardly see them after all this time.After all, our homes are often bringing with them a certain happiness thanks to the good memories they are related to.

So, hearing others comment that your house should be “burned down” can only make you sad.This is what happened to 75-year-old Leonard Bullock, who lived in Pendleton, Oregon.The man had been living in his house with his wife, who he married in 2000, for more than 15 years, and he loved his property.

However, there were some things in it that needed fixing or improvement.

Sadly, the couple had been living tight and didn’t have the money to renovate the house.

The man, who met his wife Dorothy at a church in Walla Walla, Washington, moved into this house with her in 2000. And, while he was already retired at the time, the two of them together didn’t have the funds to support a renovation project.

The years passed, and the couple had kind of come to terms with the fact that their house would never look as good as other homes around them. Until one day, a comment that some youngsters made, made their hearts sink.

The kids commented that their house should be burned down because it looked so bad. The man heard them and it was obvious that he took it badly.
A man who works nearby, Josh Cyganik, happened to see the incident.

“I saw the look on Leonard’s face. I could tell the comment bothered him,” Cyganik told Union Pacific. “I don’t think any elderly person should have to endure what I heard from those two kids’ mouths. I kind of stewed about it for a couple days before I decided to do something.”

He knew that he had to do something to help this sweet couple.

So, he asked a local lumber company if they could donate paint, and he also posted on Facebook about what he was planning to do, hoping to find other volunteers to work with him.

The next step was to ask Bullock if he could paint his house. Of course, the man was more than happy to accept the offer.

When the day came, Cyganik arrived at Bullock’s house and realized that about 20 people had already gathered and were waiting for him.

During the day, over 100 volunteers stopped by the house to lend a hand. It was the most amazing thing.
The elderly couple was ecstatic over the appearance of their house that looked like new.

Cyganik was hailed as a hero by the local media because of his good deed, but as he explains:

“According to the media, I’m a hero. I’m not a hero; I just heard something that bothered me,” Cyganik said. “Anyone would have done the same thing. Everyone has it in their heart to do things like this.”

Doesn’t this story warm your heart? Hopefully, it inspires others to perform more acts of kindness around their own neighborhoods!
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