Woman Catches Three Little Bear Cubs Playing In Her Yard


The other day, three adorable visitors decided to drop by Margaret Perkins’ backyard in North Carolina — much to her surprise and delight.It was a trio of little bear cubs clearly in search of a good time. (SPOILER ALERT: They found it.)While Perkins looked on from a window, the bubbly bear cubs quickly made themselves at home in her yard.

Of particular interest to them, it seems, was Perkins’ large woven hammock. Like three rambunctious toddlers, they proceeded to make the most of it.

Here’s that moment on video:

According to Perkins, the bears’ mother was nearby the whole time, resting just out of sight. The cubs did rejoin her in the end, but based on seeing their rowdiness, it’s easy to imagine why Mom might have needed to take a breather.

Perkins, meanwhile, hardly seemed to mind the visit, telling Ashland Citizen Times:

“It was very funny to see.”