Woman celebrates 100th birthday on the same day as her great-great-granddaughter’s 1st birthday

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Having grandkids is great, but not many people get to see their grandkids have their own kids. For those who do, it probably feels like a repeat of the joy they felt from their first set of grandkids.And living that long must be something. You’ll have life experience galore, and you’ll have seen more of the world than most.

I guess that’s why seeing your grandkids can be a humbling and profound thing.But then your grandkids are eventually going to have kids of their own, and their kids will do the same. Don’t you wish you could just be around to hold and love all of them?

Vivian Dahl is something that not many people live to be: a great great grandmother!

Her 100th birthday is the same day as her great great granddaughter’s, so they celebrated together.

This is a huge deal. Vivian is not just a great grandmother. She’s a great great grandmother. Vivian’s been around for a very long time, and saw 2 more generations of her family than most people get to.

The Minnesota woman turned a century old and was all smiles as she celebrated with the little girl.
Her daughter’s name is Eloise. Little Eloise has only been on this earth for a year so far, and hadn’t the slightest clue what was going on. Her great great grandma, on the other hand, saw this as a precious, once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Obviously, the story of a woman turning a century old and sharing a birthday with her youngest descendant was pretty news-worthy.

The story was featured on FOX9, with photos provided by Elijah Dahl.

When Vivian shared her advice on living a life as long as hers, she said “No smoking, no drinking, and no candy”. Personally, I don’t have any trouble following the first two bits of advice. But the “no candy” bit? Well, I can’t exactly make any promises.

It’s not known exactly how many people on the planet are great great grandparents, probably owing to how rarely it gets to happen.

Though something we do have some estimate for is people who’re 100 years old or older.

People who reach this age are called centenarians, and there’s something around half a million of them in the world right now. Or at least, the last time the United Nations estimated. The interesting bit is that the number seems to be increasing.

Looking at a trend from the past decades, it appears as though people are living longer than past generations.
Since the year 2000, the number of centenarians is four times what it was if those estimates are true.

That photo of Eloise and Vivian is several generations of memories, all told through their eyes.
Vivian looks at a new family member 100 years later, and Eloise’s innocent eyes look back at someone who’s been through it all.

Happy birthday to Eloise and Vivian! I hope they had a blast at the party their family threw for them at Lake Crystal. The very place where Vivian has lived for all her life.