Woman gives tour of her fairytale tiny home shaped like a potato


When it comes to custom tiny house designs, there aren’t many people out there who can compete with Kristie Wolfe.Since 2011, the tiny home trailblazer has built extravagant, tiny works of art that have been wowing people ever since.This tiny prefab “cocoon cottage” shipped from Estonia is no different, and just wait until you see all of its amenities.

Like something out of a dream.Tiny home expert Kristie Wolfe outdoes herself with a gorgeous lakeside tiny home dubbed the “cocoon cottage”Kristie’s first build was back in 2011 as a social experiment, but she really hit the scene with her incredible tiny tree house in Volcano, HI, that went viral.

In a video from earlier this month, Kristie gives us a tour of her tiny cocoon oasis that she built on the edge of Tenmile Lake in Lakeside, OR.

Overlooking beautiful Tenmile lake on the coast of Oregon sits the bubbly cocoon cottage with a custom deck and perfect view of the lake.

A lot of work
It almost looks like part of nature at first glance, but a lot of hard work went into getting the cottage to sit viewing Tenmile lake the way it does.

Kristie’s team built the deck first, in order to be able to drop the house right into position with a crane.

A tub with a view
On the outside of the tiny cocoon cottage, sits a rustic tin bathtub that overlooks the lake.

The bathtub drains the hot water straight into the septic, so Kristie can sit and enjoy the view all while knowing she’s conserving water.

A sauna, too
Also on the property, is a beautiful cocoon sauna to steam out the toxins after a long day.

The outside is the full package, between the view, outdoor bathtub, and awesome sauna, it’s hard to beat the outside of this little cocoon masterpiece.

To no one’s surprise, the inside of the tiny cocoon cottage is just as wonderful as the outside.

Nestled inside the rounded walls of the cocoon cottage, sits a rustic-styled kitchenette with hanging shelves to conserve space.

The kitchen came already installed, but Kristie added her own touches to bring it to life.

Sitting to the left of the stove is a rounded door that leads to a lovely full bathroom that is much larger than expected.

Stunning all around
To make the bathroom extra spacious, Kristie had to have a wall knocked out to open it up but it was well worth it.

In the video, Kristie explains that she likes to make sure her bathrooms are just as stunning as the rest of the rooms.

“Bathrooms are a lot of times overlooked, but you know when you go to a really fancy restaurant and then you go into their bathroom and it’s like the pinnacle, that’s what I like to do as well.”

That brings us to Kristie’s seating area and bedroom, and they’re just as fabulous as the rest.

Right before the bedroom is a little seating area where Kristie can unwind and read a book before she gets ready for bed.

Velvet curtains act as an entryway to the bedroom, where Kristie was able to fit a Queen size bed that looks out a large window, storage space for people visiting, and a shelf with a mini-library.

All in all, this is one of the most amazing tiny home designs we’ve seen, but we’re not all that surprised because it’s Kristie Wolfe we’re talking about.

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