Woman Gives Tour Of Tiny Home Built By Her Ex-Husband


Life is expensive and bills add up fast.Christine wanted to achieve financial freedom, which can feel impossible at times.Christine had a dream though and found a way to make her dream come true.Watch closely, you may find inspiration to follow suit. Life is hard as it is.She decided to live in a tiny home.

Christine allowed cameras to tour her tiny home to show the world that financial freedom can exist.Ms Purple made a great point in the comments section, saying,“What good is it to live in a 30,000 square feet home  and you are miserable and don’t have any peace .

I rather live in a 400 square feet home and have peace , joy , happiness and love in my heart .Priceless ”

Take a guess at how little her monthly bills are and find out if you are right, right below.

Christine purchased a CAD trailer for $6000 to renovate into her tiny home.
She knew that a tiny home would be perfect for her lifestyle because she already liked smaller, cozy spaces.

Christine called up her ex-husband, George, who is a contractor and asked for his help into turning the trailer into a tiny home and he said yes.

George helped Christine turn the trailer into “Lilly Mae,” Christine’s new home.

“The tiny house is built with extended roof trusses which double as the home’s framing.
The insulation is a combination of rigid foam insulation and spray foam insulation,”
according to the video’s caption.

Christine’s tiny home is fully propane, from the stove, hot water and heat.
This is Christine’s only expense now.

In the winter she pays $140 a month because the propane is used more, but in the summer she can go two months on one propane tank.

That means in the summertime Christine’s only bill is $70 every two months.
Can you even imagine your only bill being $70? That is financial freedom.

A friend of Christine’s let her park her home, “Lilly Mae,” on their property, but admits that this is temporary.

She has named her tiny home Lilly Mae because her mother’s name is Mae and her grandmother’s name was Lillian.
“My mom has dementia and one of the few things she could remember was that I was building a tiny house,” Christine explains.

The front door opens straight into Christine’s living room.

She has one comfy sofa where can kick back and relax.

Christine’s main focus of her tiny home is her kitchen though.
She wanted her kitchen to have everything she needed.

She has a three burner stove and a nice sized oven.

Her pantry doubles as the bathroom door, which provided her more space for all her kitchen needs.

The bathroom is the only area of regret that Christine has for her tiny home.
Christine currently has a composting toilet. Christine has found out that this toilet is hard to clean and awkward and heavy to empty.

If she could change anything she would choose to have a dry toilet instead.

A dry toilet is easier to empty because it has a handle to help carry it.

Christine’s bedroom is in the loft above.
Many of her friends feel that her bedroom would be too confining but she feels the opposite.

Her bed is right next to a window and this makes her room seem larger than it is.

She gets to lay in her bed and look out at the night stars.

Christine’s long term goal is to move her tiny home into a community of other tiny homes.

She knows her current place is not permanent and wants to find a perfect place before moving.
She wants her home to be near walking trails and tiny home neighbors.

Many have chosen to live in tiny homes for a multitude of reasons, so she should be able to find a great permanent location.

Could you live in a tiny home to gain financial freedom like Christine?
“This woman is very thankful for what she has , if there were more people like this the world would be a better place.”

A very supportive viewer pointed out.

Christine lives what what she needs, not what she wants.
There’s wisdom in that.

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