Woman shows us what it’s like to live off the grid in a tiny house homestead & being self sufficient


Some people want to live in a home close to their friends or family, while others dream of living in a quiet off-grid home.Ariel McGlothin lives in the beautiful mountains of western Wyoming.She enjoys financial freedom, the beauty of her surroundings, and being able to sustain her needs.

She has been living in the tiny mobile home she calls “Fy Nyth,” and she’s content and happy.Her gorgeous and functional home is 24 feet long and 7.5 feet wide.According to Ariel, she spent a total of $99,702.00 for Fy Nyth, and at that time, eight years ago, that was a lot of money for a single project.

Before deciding to live in a tiny home, Ariel shared her home with a friend, but then, the owner sold the place.

So instead of looking for a house to rent, she decided to invest in a mobile home.

She thought about everything before buying and moving in.
Finally, when everything was finished, Ariel moved in last 2014.

Many would ask, how’s life living off-grid?

For Ariel, it was the best decision of her life.
She has her dog with her, and each day, she has to work hard for herself.

She’s not complaining though. She loves the exercise and the feeling of being able to fend for herself.

Though she still goes to the grocery, she would only do so when she runs out of stocks.

For her day-to-day needs, she would forage, grows her own vegetables, chops firewood, carries her own water, cooks with propane, and even does chores for the owner of the land.

All of these help her to stay fit and strong, and aside from that, she has almost everything she needs where she stays.

Ariel also works different freelance jobs to earn money, but according to her, she doesn’t have to wake up early or work every day because of her bills and mortgage.

Because of her financial freedom, she can enjoy her time and work whenever she wants.
Fy Nyth has a good-size kitchen where she could cook and a large pantry area to store her food items.

Her living room area is also very well-kept. She has a couch that can turn into a guest bed if needed.

The highlight of her home is her wood stove which keeps her house warm.

Her garden is big and she has lots of firewood resources.

She’s independent and can do everything on her own.
She also has a composting toilet, a small shower area, and extra storage underneath the stairs.

In her loft, she has a full-size bed with three windows.

Ariel is thankful because she can live the life she wants, and with her dog, she couldn’t be happier.

Of course, let us not forget that she doesn’t have to pay her mortgage or bills anymore.

Can you live like Ariel? Do you plan to move into a tiny home and stay off the grid?

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