Woman Sings “Never Enough” Has Simon Saying “It’s Most Incredible Audition I’ve Ever Experienced”


That emotionally charged power ballad from the film The Greatest Showman called “Never Enough” helped make it the UK’s longest-running No. 1 soundtrack in 50 years.It is performed by Jenny Lind played by Rebecca Ferguson, but the voice behind the song is from an incredible singer named Loren Allred.

Allred has never gotten the exposure or the fame she deserves for the song. Until now.And it was Ferguson who asked Allred to take over the vocals.Here’s Loren Allred on the Britain’s Got Talent stage, about to reveal to all four judges and the audience who she is and why she’s a big deal.

Not even Simon Cowell could believe it.

The usual introductions were made, and while Allred, who has sang and performed with many great stars on glamorous stages in stunning gowns, appears before the judges looking very casual.

“So you sang one of the biggest songs of all time. You’ve revealed it wasn’t the actress who sang the song in the movie — it was you singing that song.” says Simon.

And when asked why now, Allred replied saying, “I was more comfortable singing behind the scenes, but I kind of feel like the song was meant for me and now I’m ready to put a face to the song.”

Everyone in attendance had their jaws dropped and eyes opened wide as they now realized that the woman on stage is the very same woman they heard singing in the movie.

The 32-year-old Allred says she’s now ready to show the world the face behind the power ballad.

Before her appearance on the show, Allred told The Sun that she was still “still trying to make a name for myself” in the music industry as she was an unsigned artist.

“Even though I have spent a lot of years in the music industry, people don’t know who I am. Over all these years I’ve been fighting for my chance to be known and to make it.”

“The opportunity to sing Never Enough evolved from being a session singer in the choir, and even though the song was a big success, people still think that the actress sang it.”

Allred continued.

“I have never gotten the opportunity to tell my story.”

But the moment she began to sing, a hushed silence fell over the place, everyone eagerly waiting to see and hear if it really was her. After a very emotional intro, Allred gets into her stride.

It really is the woman who sang “Never Enough”!

Note after note, higher and higher, Allred brings the house down with her performance, getting everyone on their feet all the way to the end. And the judges just had to stand and applaud Loren!

The moment Loren finished and the judges were on their feet, Amanda Holden hit the golden buzzer showering Allred with gold from the heavens.

It was a long wait but Loren finally got the recognition she truly deserved. She wanted to step out of the shadows and into the light. Bet she didn’t think the light was golden!

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