Woman’s Viral Facebook Post Leads To Reunion Of Long-Lost Siblings


There is no love like sibling love.It is quite common for brothers and sisters to bicker and compete for attention, but at the end of the day, their love for each other is something that siblings will always cherish.Elizabeth Brock, a mom of two from Lincoln Park, Michigan, was separated from her birth mother more than two decades ago.

Knowing this has always made her curious about her family, especially her siblings whom she never even saw.Life was hard for her biological mother back then, which probably was the reason why the woman left her and three older siblings under their grandparents’ care. She thought she was the youngest in the family, but deep inside her, a small voice kept on saying that she had younger siblings.

“We were all taken for one reason or another and placed with family for the most part,” Elizabeth shared with WXYZ-TV. “I always kind of knew I had younger siblings, but didn’t know their names or ages.”

Years passed and Elizabeth’s curiosity grew even further.
Later on, the Lincoln Park mom found out that she had younger siblings.

She did her own research and found out that she had two younger brothers who were adopted by the same family. The boys are now over 18 years old and Elizabeth badly wanted to see and get to know them.

“I need to make something of this. I’ll go to the courts, I’ll do whatever I have to do, I want to find them,” she told WXYZ-TV.

At that moment, she did what she thought would quickly help her with her search. She took to Facebook and made a post that would change her life forever.
She grabbed a poster board and a Sharpie and worked on making a poster where she pleaded for people to help her find her lost brothers. In just a few days, Facebook did its work and Elizabeth finally found her way to her younger sister she never knew about.

The young woman was 16-years-old and equally excited to meet her. Elizabeth’s sister was living in Ohio, according to a Facebook user who contacted her.

She was flabbergasted by the news she received, but before she could even recover, she got another message about her brothers.
“Now I’m baffled…this is too quick, way way too quick,” Elizabeth recalled.

The most unbelievable thing about it all was the fact that her brothers were living very near her Lincoln Park home all along. They were almost neighbors and she did not have any idea that the siblings she was searching for were only a mile apart from her.

Elizabeth’s brothers were quite shocked to know that they had siblings, after hearing about it from their adoptive mother. They were literally living right down the street and they never knew it for over two decades.

The siblings turned out to have mutual friends as well, which made it easier for them to connect and catch up. That same year, the groups of siblings met up and had a reunion to celebrate their family and each other.

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