Young boy sings “Angel” with a voice straight from heaven


13-year-old Cormac Thompson has the voice of an angel.Cormac auditioned for Series 15 of Britain’s Got Talent when he was 12.He hailed from Lancashire at the time of his audition but is from Northern Ireland.Thompson performed a rendition of “Run” by Snow Patrol for his audition, impressing Simon Cowell who said, “It was a brilliant choice of song, you sang it beautifully, you made it you’re version”.

Fellow judge Amanda commented, “Your voice was so pure, so angelic.”He advanced to the next round.Angelic is the key word here.See, young Cormac has been singing for quite some time.Young Cormac recoreds videos of himself singing so his mom could send them to his “Nannie”.

Those videos were posted on YouTube, which caught the eye of a record label.

Decca Records got in touch so young Cormac got to record an album called “Hear My Voice” which was released in December 2020.

Listen to his stirring rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s “(In the arms of an) angel” and you’ll understand why he got signed to a label.
This boy born in Darwen, near Blackburn, Lancashire has a voice fit for ages past.

A haunting, melodic tone that could do well during the time of knights, lords, and ladies.

The song is actually called “Angel.”
It first appeared on Sarah McLachlan’s fourth studio album, Surfacing, in 1997.

The lyrics are about the passing of Smashing Pumpkins keyboard player Jonathan Melvoin (1961–1996).

The song is sometimes mistitled as “In the Arms of an Angel” or “Arms of the Angel”.

It’s certainly a deep, meaningful song, but it’s not one commonly covered by young, up and coming artists.

Cormac’s decision to sing this song is brilliant.
It puts him in the spotlight, away from the usual pop or ballad singers.

His unique style lends itself well to the slower pace of the song.

It brings out the words so vividly.

“This is so beautifully sung Cormac. You sound like an angel and have an amazing pure voice. You are a wonderfully talented singer and I’m so happy to hear you’ve recorded some more songs. I can’t wait to hear the other songs. I hope they are coming soon.” says a viewer.

Cormac has so many songs but this cover version of McLachlan’s ballad is just so good.

It’s one of those songs that never was forgotten but never was in mainstream circles either.

Certainly not a song everyone knows about.

Listen to Sarah Mclachlan’s original version then go back to Cormac’s cover.

There’s no way anyone would say this young man’s version isn’t any good.

His singing makes you want to close your eyes and fly away to some place only you know.

An escape from this increasingly chaotic world.

A place where angels rest.

Everyone is tired. Let Cormac take you there.

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